my name is andrea. 26. i live just outside of baltimore, maryland.


captawesomesauce said: Morning classes?

by the grace of god no morning classes. earliest class starts at 2 and the rest are evening classes yaaayyyyy


comparative religion on mondays

english and psychology on tuesdays and thursdays

bioethics on wednesdays

and that means no math class this semester wooooooo

ninteen84 asked
Back 2 skool Yay Good stuff congrats on ur college very amaze

thank you!!!!!!! <33333

theburninggiraffe asked
will you be hanging out in the quad and supporting the football team and such?

no i will be gorging myself with flipz alone in my car. and the only team i will support is team sleep because they are a mellow yet catchy electronica version of the deftones. thanks for your question dave, please don’t fall asleep right after the early bird special tonight. you’re in your mid twenties, keep it together man.